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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Summer Safety Guide for the Family

It’s finally that time of year we’ve all been waiting for. Longer days, warmer temperature and bright sunshine make these next few months a glorious paradise for anybody who likes to spend time outdoors. I’m talking about summer, of course, and while this warm-weather season has its many perks, there are safety hazards that should not be overlooked, especially if you have young ones tagging along for the fun. So before you head to the park, pool, barbeque or beach (if you’re lucky!), be sure you consider this summer safety guide for the family.

Sun Safety Tips

Apply early and often – For children six months and older (as well as adults), be sure to apply sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher to ensure you are getting full-spectrum protection. It’s also important to apply about 15-30 minutes before sun exposure so it can absorb into the skin and decrease the likelihood of it being washed off. We recommend reapplying about every two hours and any time after swimming, sweating or drying off with a towel.

Wear clothing that covers – Dress yourself and your kids in protective clothing. There are many sun-protective styles that are great in covering the neck, elbows and knees. We suggest wearing darker colors and thicker fabrics, as well as topping off any sun-safe outfit with a hat with a forward facing brim.

Be mindful of shade – Contrary to popular belief, you can, in fact, get burned while sitting in the shade. This is because light is scattered and reflected, so even though you are getting relief from heat, it does not provide the UVR protection that is needed.

Water Rules

Be attentive – Whenever your kids are in the water, be sure you are off your cell phone and watching them at all times. Avoid distractions at all costs, because drowning can happen quickly and quietly.

Put up a fence – If your house has a swimming pool, fencing of at least four feet surrounding all sides of the pool and doors that close and lock by themselves is a pool safety necessity. This will keep your tykes out of the pool when you’re not around, but it is also important to train your kids so they know never to go near the water without an adult.

Take a class – Be prepared for any scenario by attending a CPR class and getting certified. Parents that are knowledgeable about water safety skills are extremely important because you can never be too careful around water.

Safe Barbequing

Thoroughly cook all meat – It is very important all meat you feed your children is well-done, and not a spot rare. Cut through any meat before serving it to your kids, and you can make sure you’re cooking at the appropriate temperatures by obtaining a meat thermometer.

Never leave grill unattended – An adult should always be standing by the grill when it’s on or in use, so little ones don’t touch it and burn themselves severely. The sun isn’t the only thing hot in the summer!

Follow these summer safety tips, and you and your family will have the exciting and fun filled summer you planned for. Be sure to visit SOS Survival Products to stock up on all your summer safety supplies and ensure that your family enjoys the warm weather responsibly!


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