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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

SOS Survival Products Awards

Welcome to the 2018 SOS Product Awards! We think it's about time that some of our products get the recognition they deserve, so we've selected a few of our favorites (and yours) to ensure everyone gets a chance to see what all the buzz is all about. Without further ado, we present...

Best Visual Effects!

The Streamlight Strion features three easy-to-control brightness settings and one strobe functionality.
To ensure your safety, whether you're stranded roadside or use your flashlight for tactical purposes, the LEDs on this torch produce 500 lumens on the high setting, the equivalent of a 33-watt incandescent lightbulb. On this setting, the Streamlight Strion is capable of running for one continuous hour. Its low setting produces a comfortable 125 lumens and will provide you with light for more than three hours.
Because the torch is rechargeable, you'll never need to worry about stocking up on batteries or finding them in the dark. The Strion recharges within just three hours.
This bright flashlight earns its spot as number one in the visual effects category because of its lumens. A lumen is a measurement of total visible light. When the Strion's lumens are concentrated into a tight beam, they produce 10,000 candela reaching up to 200 meters.
For a more concentrated beam, try the Streamlight SL-20L. This rechargeable flashlight can't compete with the Strion in terms of lumens, but with an astonishing 60,000 candela at its disposal, its beam reaches 490 meters!

Not sure how lumens and candela differ?

A lumen is a unit of measurement used to describe how much visible light is produced by a light source such as a flashlight or a lightbulb. Because light scatters, a flashlight's lumens aren't necessarily indicative of how far its light will reach.
A candela is a unit of measurement that describes how far away you can be from a light source and still see it. The more concentrated a beam of light it, the more candela, or candlepower, it will have.

Best Design!

At SOS Survival Products, we're all about functional living, preparation and survival. We know that
in the event of an emergency, the more minimal your dependence on outside resources, the better your chances of success. Check out our blog about collecting rainwater here.
The Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator is an alternative solution to small gas-powered generators. This unit is perfect for the home or for camping trips. The Yeti stores 150 watt hours of power, and can be charged using an AC wall adapter or solar panels.  This gas-free, noise-free and fume-free power generator is ideal for smaller devices such as lights, cooling fans, phones and laptops. An indicator display lets you know how much time and power is left at all times.
With two USB, one 12V and one AC outputs, it's easy and convenient to plug in several devices at one time.  Power it up in preparation for a storm to keep all of your electronic devices readily charged during an outage. This unit is incredibly easy to use, easy to setup and easy to understand.

Best Sound!

During an emergency or extreme weather event, it's critical to stay informed. These days, most of us largely rely on our phones, computers or televisions to stay up to date on weather alerts and emergency broadcast.
The Midland ER200 radio is there for you when other sources of communication fail. During power outages, when your stock of batteries has unexpectedly been emptied or when cell towers are overwhelmed, this hand-crank NOAA radio will be by your side.
The Midland includes a powerful three-setting flashlight, AM/FM radio, NOAA Weather Alert Radio, USB and headphone jacks and an SOS beacon which uses Morse code to signal for emergency assistance. Although it contains a rechargeable battery and a small solar panel, it is also fully functional when cranked by hand. Attach it to a larger solar panel for quicker and more efficient charging in an emergency situation.

Most Original!

Sometimes originality comes in small, simple packages. The LuminAID PackLite lantern started out as a project designed to provide light to earthquake victims in Haiti. Today, LuminAID accompanies hikers, backpackers and emergency aid workers alike.
This uniquely powerful little lantern has come a long way since 2010. Designed to fold flat for easy and convenient storage, it features five brightness settings, adjustable straps and a microUSB charge port. As always, the LuminAID lantern remains 100 percent waterproof. On its highest setting, it puts out an impressive 75 lumens.

Lead Product!

Emergency planning starts with just a few essentials. Although we rely heavily on a variety of basics including food and proper shelter, we can't survive long without water. Up to 60 percent of the human adult body consists of water, powering our cells, lubricating our joints, regulating body temperature, converting food to energy and more. We are so reliant on water, that it only makes sense that our most-ever purchased product is, well, water.
We carry a variety of water pouches, water containers, water collection barrels and water purifiers. To start, we recommend every household contain an absolute minimum of 25 ounces of clean emergency drinking water for every person. Just six single packages will be enough for this. These pouches are tough and will store safely for up to five years, so keep them in your emergency pack, in your car, your camping gear or at your desk at work.
Looking for a bit more? A kit such as this provides the most basic essentials for only $8! This three-day kit contains six single Datrex drinking water pouches, one emergency blanket and a 2,400-calorie food bar.

Best Overall!

Emergency planning encompasses a variety of aspects. Creating an emergency plan and stocking up on the right products can turn a disaster around into a success. If you're not sure quite where to start, or your funds are limited, we recommend one of our kits. The two-person Deluxe kit is designed to offer the biggest bang for your buck, with products including water, emergency lighting, emergency blankets, rain ponchos and a wide range of first aid products all in one place. Everything is neatly contained in a convenient Everest backpack and is designed to provide for two people for three days.
Prepping for an emergency can become an involved process. While it's important to consider your ultimate goal when putting your emergency prep plan into action, we recommend beginning with the basics: a plan, water, shelter, first aid and emergency communication. It takes just a few products to provide some initial peace of mind in an emergency situation. From there, the sky's the limit.


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